3 Fun ways to meet international students in Valencia

If you have just arrived to study in Valencia and you don't know anyone because you have come from another city or country, among your worries as a newcomer you will surely find out if you are going to meet people to go out for a drink on a terrace, go to the beach or go out to party at the weekend.

Our answer is clear, of course! But that will depend exclusively on you and your attitude and willingness to meet new people.

It is true that, sometimes, there are students who come to study in Valencia with their course already started and, no matter how hard they try, they find themselves with already created circles of friends, in which it is difficult to integrate, and in which it is difficult for you to join their plans.

You may also be one of those who alternate their student life in Valencia with an internship or a part-time job; so you will spend all day between university and work, with no time for yourself, it is difficult to meet new people outside these environments.

What can't do if you want to meet other international students, is to spend your weekends locked up in the room of your student flat in Valencia, watching the entire season of your favorite serie, and waiting for Monday to come and go back to university and work.

Put an expiration date on your voluntary isolation!

In Valencia there are many ways to meet new people, do you want to meet some of them? Here we go!

Sign up for group sports classes or acting classes

In Valencia you can practice your favorite sport in a group, there are many runner groups, skating schools, or if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to live in a city with a beach, find out about the fun surfing or paddle surfing courses.

The theatre is a great opportunity to get rid of the shame

Everyone who attends this kind of class says the bonds that are created on stage are amazing! Bring out your more comical or dramatic side and show what you're worth.

Language Exchange

If you come from a foreign country and Spanish is not your language, take advantage of practicing it in a fun way by exchanging conversations with other students who are interested in learning your native language. Find out what groups or language exchange meetings there are in Valencia and talk to interesting people.

Learn to dance

Ballroom dancing is becoming more and more fashionable and you don't need anyone to join in; usually the boys are more in demand than the girls; from these dance groups they end up creating groups of real friends who make plans, far beyond the dance.

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