3 places every university student in Valencia should know

Valencia is one of the cities in Spain that attracts a large number of tourists, but in creasingly it is a city that attracts many university students who come from other cities because they want to study here. Although Madrid and Barcelona are the cities that attract the highest volume of students each year, Spain's third largest city is often chosen by those see king a more bohemian university experience.

From our student flats in Valencia, we provide you with all the necessary information about the city up on your arrival, but if you have not yet arrived, we want to discover three places that will surprise you and that you should write down on your list to visit in your free time.

The house of the Paella

Althought here are many cities that claim it, Valencia is considered the home of Paella. Sure, even if you haven't lived in Valencia before, you have tasted many paellas, but if you want to try the real paella you will have to do it in Valencia. Valencians are very proud of Valencia's history and the traditional recipe that is prepared here, and rarely dare to eat this dish in another city in Spain.

Disappearance of the Turia River

There is a great park in Valencia, so great that it runs through the city centre and ist he largest of its kind in all of Europe. What many don't know, though, is that it used to be a river.

The Turia River over flowed in the 1950s and caused one of the biggest natural disasters in the city and the area. The authorities then carried out a great work to drain the river and turned it in to the great park that you can see today, frequented by families, runners, cyclists and tourists everyday.

City of Arts and Sciences.

The story behind “Ciutat de les Art I les Ciencies” is very similar, showing Valencia's love of art and obsession with doing interesting and beautiful things with water. But if there is one thing Valencians value, it is water, hence theawareness of visitors and tourists, as the water that surrounds the museums is a scarce commodity and is used over and overaga in for one of the hundreds of exhibitions held each year.

Valencia's museums must be visited by university students! 

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