Erasmus Valencia Experience

We believe that it should be mandatory for any university student in the world to study a year a broad. We hope to welcome many Erasmus students in our new student flats in Valencia.

If you have thought about living an-Erasmus experience, do not was te any more time and go to the Erasmus exchange department of your university to know those universities or centres with which there is anagreement. Ask if there is anagreement with any university in Valencia, and here we will be waiting for you to live what will probably be one of the best experiences of your life, or that is what most students who have lived an-Erasmus experience say.

A new city, a sharedstudent flat, a new country, new teachers, new friends, a new university, a new climate, new food, everythingis new when you decide to leave Erasmus.

Get ready to live your Erasmus experience from the very beginning, from the moment you think about leaving. Most people who, like you, are planning to live a year of university life outside of their city are motivated by learning a new language, since having to manage on your own forces you to have to practice that language without being able to avoid it, and that is one of the most effective ways of learning.

Once you have decided that you want to leave Erasmus, it is time to choose your destination, and this depends on the agreements that exist with your university, and you will have no choice but to choose one of them. The most common reasons for choosing one university or another are the language, the prestige of the university, the standard of living, the range of student flats for rent, security and transport connections to your city, among others...

But like everything in life, Erasmus has a badside, and that's all the paperwork it entails. Accessing the scholarship means presenting a series of papers such as: a motivation letter, a certificate of your English level, a transcript and some other papers. Our recommendation is that if you already know that you are going to come from Erasmus to Valencia you should start to collect all the documentation that they are going to demand from you.

And now it is our turn to tell you what we like the most, which is to tell you how to find a flat for rent for Erasmus students in Valencia.  Our essential advices are: that your student flat is near the university and the city centre or the beach, here you have to think about it and choose what you prefer, although thepublic transport in Valencia works perfectly and moving around will be very comfortable for you.

The best thing about living in a student flat in Valencia, is that there are many Erasmus students who are in your same situation, so it will help you to meet other students who have just arrived and make plans together. Multiculturalismis common in university student flats, so you will also be able to practice not only Spanish but other languages during your Erasmus experience. 

Enjoy your Erasmus experience because the months are so intense that they pass very quickly and when you least expectit you will have to return to your city and your routine.

When youre turn home, you will look back and realize that you live done of the best experiences of your life, and of course, you will want to come back to Valencia always.

We are waiting for you!

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