Student flats for rent in Valencia

If you have already decided that you are going to study in Valencia, and after the summer, you will start your university career in this city, the next task on your list is: to look for student flats to rent in Valencia.

If you don't know where to start, don't worry, we are here to help you find a flat to share in Valencia during your university years. If you keep reading you will make sure that you have made the right decision when choosing your accommodation during your new university years.

The first thing we do in this situation is to Google "apartments to share in Valencia" but if you do, or have already done so, you will see that the results are not at all clear or useful; if you decide to click on the one you find most interesting, you will see that the information provided is not very useful. If you decide to click on the one you find most interesting, you will see that the information they offer is not very useful. The second option, if the first one has not helped you, is to ask friends who have some kind of relationship or link with the city, and if you do not get any help here either, you will usually turn to the university to find out if they can provide you with a list of student flats. Finally, there is the option of joining Facebook groups, download apps or asking, in desperation, real estate agencies in the city. 

Let's take it one step at a time. Valencia is the perfect size to live in, but it is still a big city, where you have to know your neighborhoods well if you don't have to walk several kilometers to go to university. We recommend that you look for a map of the city with its corresponding neighbourhoods, so that you can study it and get an idea of how the city is distributed. 

What are the student districts in Valencia?

Without a doubt, those closest to the universities or the campuses, Benimaclet, Algirós or Camins al Grau and some parts of the maritime district such as “La Malvarrosa”, are the preferred areas for university students who come to study in Valencia.

You can also find student flats in Valencia, in the districts of La Saïdia or in the Pla del Real.

Algirós is a neighbourhood with newer buildings and more possibilities to find studio flats if you want to live alone.

If you are the type of person who wants to live near the beach, you will have no problem in Valencia; the beach in Valencia is not too far from the universities, although you will have to sacrifice living in the city centre. This is the case in the maritime districts of the Malvarrosa and the northern part of the Cabanyal district.

All the above-mentioned neighbourhoods are very well connected by public transport (tram, metro and bus), and you can also go by bicycle on your own or use the public bicycle rental service for around 30 euros a year.

Choosing your student flat well in Valencia will be decisive in avoiding uncomfortable transfers and moves during your university years.

Your flatmates in Valencia will surely become lifelong friends, and you will remember your stay here as one of the best experiences of your life.

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