Survival guide for foreign students in Valencia

If you have been waiting for a grade on a make-up exam, or a university entrance exam, and you weren't sure until the last moment whether you could come and study in Valencia, and, you have just arrived with the course already started and with very little time to adapt, don't worry, we have created a small guide with survival tips for students who have just arrived at our student flats in Valencia.

The first thing you should do is go to the secretary's office at your university or to the international student welcome point at your university so that they can inform you about the legal procedures and documentation that you are obliged or required to carry out during your first days of stay. Depending on your country of origin and the type of studies you are going to take during this year, you will need either a student visa or to register with the Central Registry of Foreigners where you will be given a certificate of registration and a Foreigner's Identification Number (NIE).

Walk around your neighborhood and around your university. You need to know which is the nearest metro or bus stop and how to get around by public transport from your student flat in Valencia, as the neighborhood where it is located will become your new neighborhood. We also recommend you find the nearest library, the cheapest supermarket and the gym or park where you will practice your favorite sport.

Get involved as soon as possible. If you are one of the last to arrive, the groups may already be formed; don't worry! Go over there and tell them you have just arrived, they will certainly be eager to enlarge their group; take the opportunity to ask them for notes of the classes you have missed and invite them to visit your beautiful student flat in Valencia.

They'll envy you for not having chosen student accommodation in Valencia where they feel at home!

Organize your time well. If you've arrived late, you'll have no choice but to plan to make up for lost time and catch up with your university mates. Get to know the syllabus of the subjects you have already started and plan the time you have to invest to reach your normal pace. Don't forget to enjoy your leisure time either and discover all the options that a city like Valencia has to offer.

And what is very important, do not procrastinate, or leave important things for later with the excuse of having arrived late or with classes started. If you find it difficult to leave behind your holidays or summer days without obligations and study habits, we propose you to do a routine for 21 days in a row, on the 22nd, the forgotten habit will be integrated into your routine again!

We venture to say that you are about to live one of the best experiences of your life, so surviving it will be very easy and you will never want it to end.

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