Tips to start your new university stage in Valencia

Valencia is a city that is gradually positioning itself at thefore front of education, with a good number of public and private universities and prestigious business schools. If you have chosen this city to study at university, congratulations! We leave you with some advice to start your new university stage in Valencia. 

Starting to study at university is a decisive step in your life, but if you also do it in a different city or country, the change is even greater. Starting to be independent away from your family, with a new family, new classmates and new routines, means leaving the comfort you were used to. 

The first months of living together in a student flat in Valencia will be very intense, you will have new classmates, a new neighbourhood, a new university and many plans that you will have to combine with the level of study at the university, and to which it will be difficult to say no, as you will find the mall exciting.

Don't stress, everything is compatible, and if you organize yourself well, you will have time for everything and you will be able to dedicate the necessary hours to studying and there maining hours to the leisure plans proposed by your university colleagues or those in your student flat in Valencia. 

Organization is fundamental in the first days of university in Valencia.

The first days before starting university in Valencia you should take advantage of them to get to know the city and do some tourism. Take advantage of the time to get to know your new neighbourhood, the nearest supermarket, the gym you will want to join, which is the nearest beach where you will go to sun bat he as well as all the places you need to know to get to know this wonderful city. We also recommend that you move from your student flat in Valencia to the city centre and to your university to find out how to get around on public transport in Valencia. 

Once you are located in your new city, it is time tost art classes, at tend all of them, even if they seem like a lot: all classes are important, there are no classes you can afford not to attend, and evenless at the beginning. This is the only way to knowhow much time you will have to dedicate to each one of them. Once you leave the class, each subject requires a dedication and this way you will be able to organize yourself better. All that you advance during the course will be time that you will not have to dedicate later when you have to study for the exams.

Valencia is a city where the climate allows you to practice any outdoor sport almost all year round. If you already practice a sport in your city, continue with that healthy rout in here, because practicing sports will keep you active and will help you to disconnect. 

Organize dinners with your fellow students in your student flat in Valencia, this way you can get to know them much better. They will become key players during your university years and some will be friends for life. 


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