Why choose a student flat in Valencia to live in?

Are you coming to study in Valencia? If you have come to this article, it is probably because the answer is yes, and you are looking for a student flat or it is one of your accommodation options. Yes, you are here because you have doubts, when you finish reading this article and study carefully the pictures of our student flats in Valencia, you will not have any doubts!

Discover the advantages of living in a student flat.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE IN A MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT: the life and atmosphere of the university campus will continue in your student flat in Valencia; all of you who share this flat are in the same situation: you are national or international students new to the city, it is usually your first year at university, although for many others it is their second or third year. The possibility of living with classmates from different cultures will undoubtedly enrich you at all levels.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT CLEANING: one of the most valued advantages of living in our student flats is that we have a cleaning service once a week, but you should know that students are responsible for keeping order and having clean kitchens and utensils on a daily basis. Laundry and washing of sheets and towels is also your responsibility, for which you have a washing machine and dryer at no extra cost at your disposal.

YOU WILL KEEP A BALANCED DIET: there is nothing like our mother's cooking, but one of the challenges of living alone is learning to cook. That's why the kitchens in our student flats in Valencia are fully equipped and you will have everything you need to overcome the hot meals your mother used to prepare for you.

Do you dare to cook a Valencian paella?

SAFETY: this is not a concern for you or your parents, you can tell them that they do not have to worry, as we have a 24-hour telephone service to solve incidents for our students. In addition, our maintenance department will take care of any breakdowns within a reasonable period of time.

And after what we have told you, you still have doubts, keep reading.

If you choose one of our student flats in Valencia, you will learn to cook, you will have to worry about the cleaning but once a week they will come to clean your flat thoroughly, that will save you a lot of time that you can spend practicing your favorite sport, to keep your body and mind healthy; study and spend time on university work to improve your grades, etc... and of course you will have more time to go out, meet new friends and discover secret places in the city.

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